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Boboli Gardens Tickets

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  • Set foot into the Boboli Gardens for a culturally and artistically enriching experience.
  • Directly behind the Pitti Palace, the Medici Family name is synonymous with these Gardens as they created the world-famous Italian garden layout.
  • This is where architecture, landscaping, and sculptures meet in a mix of ancient style and Renaissance art.
  • Lose yourself in the whimsical architecture of the Gardens such as the Branch Archways, the Boboli Amphitheatre, and the Garden of Ganymede.
  • Admire the 6-meter high obelisk from the time of Ramses II, the stunning grottoes - the most striking one created by Bernardo Buontalenti - the regal Fountain of Neptune, and more.
  • Stroll along the geometric pathway that winds around this verdant green landscape. You'll constantly wonder how such a combination of botany and artistic collections exists in one place.
  • Included in this ticket is a visit to the Bardini Gardens and the Museum of Porcelain- only recently opened to the public.
  • These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.

Palazzo Pitti & Palatine Gallery Tickets

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  • Enjoy entry into Palazzo Pitti and Palatine Gallery, two of Florence's most sought-after attractions.
  • The palace houses an impressive collection of silver and jewelry, a couple of art museums, and a series of rooms.
  • Delve into the history and architecture of the palace as you waltz from room to room, and soak up the grandeur of it all.
  • Tour the magnificent State Apartments and admire the rusticated stonework and style of the Palace which gives the palazzo a severe and powerful atmosphere.
  • After touring the Royal apartments and Staterooms, head over to the Palatine Gallery.
  • This gallery holds many riches and treasures acquired by the Medicis over the years including gorgeous artworks and historical artifacts.
  • Note: Royal and Imperial Apartments, Museum of Costume and Fashion are closed until further notice due to refurbishment work.
  • These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.

Florence Guided Tour with Medici’s Mile and Admission to Boboli Gardens

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Guided Tour
  • Explore the highlights of Florence’s UNESCO World Heritage Site city center.
  • Enjoy a walk through the city's most famous sights including the Vasari Corridor and Palazzo Vecchio.
  • Explore the Boboli Gardens, and get a chance to see some of its famous attractions such as The Fountain of Neptune and The Isolotto.
  • Discover Florence’s rich history and culture with the help of an expert guide by your side throughout your tour.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 48 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Boboli Gardens Reopens Post-COVID 19

After several months of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, Boboli Gardens has reopened for visitors from 28 May 2021. It has reopened following all the Covid safety measures and health guidelines as laid out by the authorities to ensure a safe experience for all its visitors.

COVID Safety Measures & Guidelines At Boboli Gardens

  • It is mandatory to show a Covid-19 Green Pass with proof of vaccination or recovery from infection to enter Boboli Gardens.
  • Visitors from other countries who do not have the green pass can show equivalent documentation such as a medical certificate showing proof of recovery or a vaccination certificate showing complete vaccination status using a vaccine authorized in Italy.
  • Everyone will undergo temperature checks at the entrance and will only be allowed to enter if the temperature doesn’t exceed 99.5°F. 
  • Face masks are mandatory at the premises.
  • Group tours cannot exceed 16 people.

Why Visit Boboli Gardens?

Boboli Garden Tickets
  • The Boboli Gardens is the largest open-air museum in Florence, with a plethora of sculptures, grottoes, and fountains. It has been developed over a period of four centuries beginning in the 15th century, making it rich in history and culture.
  • It is an 11-acre garden that features steep hills, greenery, and amazing gardens that are perfect for a stroll. This venue is a prime example of green architecture with its branch archways along with the Upper Botanical Garden and the Viale dei Cipressi. 
  • The Boboli Gardens was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013.
  • Since it is located in the center of Florence, visitors can also explore Palazzo Pitti, Piazza de Pitti, and Piazza del Duomo.

Boboli Gardens Tickets Explained

Boboli Garden Tickets

Skip The Line Tickets

  • Skip the long queues to the ticket counter and get direct access to the Boboli Gardens at Uffizi to enjoy a culturally and artistically enriching experience.
  • Save your time to explore the Renaissance style architecture and sculpture. Get to admire the brilliant works of art and sculpture, like the regal Fountain of Neptune or the  6-meter high obelisk.
  • Spend your time at the vibrant green landscape that looks all the more beautiful thanks to the Renaissance-period design of the garden.

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  • Advance Booking: With attractions operating under limited capacity, advance booking has become mandatory to ensure that you get access to the site and avoid the inconvenience of tickets being sold out.
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Boboli Gardens Highlights

Boboli Garden Tickets


One of the top highlights of Boboli Gardens is the Kaffeehaus that was built between 1774 and 1785. It was used as a resting place where the court could enjoy a hot cup of chocolate on their walks.

Boboli Garden Tickets

Madama Grotto

Grotto di Madama, built between 1553 and 1555, is located in a small garden along the wall of San Giorgio Convent. It has been designed by Davide Fortini and features a stone frame with an artificial rock set, animal sculptures surrounded by artificial stalactites, marble flooring, and more.

Boboli Garden Tickets

Grotto Of Adam & Eve

This grotto was created to link the Sundial building with the Court Theater around the same time as the Annalena building and the entrance gateway’s construction. It has been named Grotto of Adam & Eve due to the installation of Michalenagelo’s Adam and Eve sculptures inside this grotto on a rectangular plinth.

Boboli Garden Tickets

Lemon House

Built between 1777 and 1778, Lemon House was designed to collect the citrus trees displayed in the Boboli Gardens, especially Island Garden, during the winter months. It is still used to hold over 500 citrus plants and features a small garden outside it with four large flower beds of roses.

Boboli Garden Tickets

Buontalenti Grotto

Buontalenti Grotto, popularly known as Grotto Grande, is one of the most famous grottoes in Boboli Gardens. It is located in the north of the gardens beside the entrance to the Vasari Corridor. Its construction first began in 1551 to supply water to the garden and Palazzo Vecchio. 

Boboli Garden Tickets


Once you begin your tour of the Boboli Gardens, you will come across the amphitheater adjoined to the hill behind Pitti Palace. It was made from the excess stones brought down from the hillside for the construction of the palace and has been decorated with Roman statues. An Egyptian obelisk was brought from Luxor and placed in the center here in 1789.

Boboli Garden Tickets


When you walk along the Viale dei Cipressi, you will come across small and large branch pathways with tree branch archways. These structures are called Cerchiate and were first created in 1612. It was earlier used as a shade for the plants but now is used to offer silence and shade to the visitors.

Boboli Garden Tickets

Garden of Ganymede

Built in the 1770s, the Garden of Ganymede was a later addition to the Boboli Gardens and overlooks the Kaffeehaus. The garden is set on a hill with symmetrical stairways, terraces, and the famous Ganymede Fountain. Visitors can spend time enjoying the views from here and strolling around the beautiful garden.

Boboli Garden Tickets

Upper Botanical Garden

Once you have explored the Cerchiate Garden, you can make way to the Upper Botanical Garden that is located to the west of Cypress Lane. Here you can find several ponds for aquatic plants and a wide range of exotic plants, including pineapple. The layout of this garden dates back to the mid-19th century, and this garden was added as part of the enlargement of the Boboli Gardens in the 17th century.

Boboli Garden Tickets

Knight's Building & Rampart

The Knight’s Building was constructed on the Rampart between 1527 and 1530. Knight Malatesta Baglioni lived at the top of the building, hence the name of this Boboli Garden attraction. The Rampart was built in 1927 during the siege of Florence.

Boboli Garden Tickets

Garden of Camellias

Located between the southern wing of Palazzo Pitti and the Sundial building, the Garden of Camellias was built to connect Prince Mattias de Medici’s private apartments with the Boboli Gardens. It was rearranged in 1688. The Camellias planted this garden at the end of the 1700s as they had recently become popular.

Boboli Garden Tickets

Garden Of Royal Stables

It is a large complex covering the area from the southern side of Boboli Garden to Viale Macchiavelli. It was built as a modern space for royal horses, their carriages, and the stable staff. 

Boboli Garden Tickets


The Viottolone is a large avenue that slopes down the hill and leads to the Porta Romana exit. It features several terraces and tunnels that offer shade and make a good spot for sitting or reading a book. This avenue is surrounded by cypresses and statues and leads to the Isolotto pond. In this pond, you will see the beautiful fountain named Ocean by Giambologna. 

Boboli Garden Tickets

Giardino Del Cavaliere

Another important place to check out is Giardino Del Cavaliere which can be reached by a double staircase. It is located on the rampart of the wall built by Michelangelo in 1529 and is a beautiful meadow to stroll around. From this meadow, you can enjoy views of Torre al Gallo and several private Florentine manors.

Boboli Garden Tickets

Grotta Grande

Grotta Grande, or Large Grotto, is decorated with stalactites and divided into three sections. All three feature examples of Mannerist sculptures with the first section being frescoed to create an illusion of a natural grotto. The second section features Paris and Helen by Vincenzo de’ Rossi while the third one contains Bathing Venus by Giambologna.

Boboli Garden Tickets

Sculpture & Fountains

The Boboli Gardens is a type of green architecture that is filled with beautiful sculptures and fountains. Here is a list of sculptures and fountains that you would find here:

  • Jupiter Seated
  • Artichoke Fountain
  • The Peasant and his Barrel
  • Ceres
  • Augustus
  • Barbarian Prisoner Base
  • Apollo
  • Tindaro Screpolato

Plan Your Visit To Boboli Gardens

Getting There
Boboli Garden Tickets
  • Timings: 
    November to February: 8:15 AM to 4:30 PM
    March: 8:15 AM to 5:30 PM (with Standard Time); 8:15 AM to 6:30 PM (With Daylight Savings Time)
    April to May: 8:15 AM to 6:30 PM
    September: 8:15 AM to 6: 30 PM
    October: 8:15 AM to 5:30 PM (with Standard Time); 8:15 AM to 6:30 PM (With Daylight Savings Time)
    June to August: 8:15 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Closing Days: First and the last day of each month except for June - October
  • Closed On: January 1 and December 25
  • Last Entry: One hour before the closing time
Boboli Garden Tickets

Address: Piazza Pitti, 1 50125 Firenze FI

Find it on the map.

  • By Bus: Bus lines: 11 & D
    Nearest Bus Stop: Central Station
  • By Car:
    You can reach Boboli Gardens by car but there are a lot of traffic restrictions in the area and limited car parking spaces.
    To enter ZTL of Florence (limited traffic area), find a garage to leave your car to get your license plate registered and avoid fines.
    Car Parks: The closest car park to Boboli Gardens is located near Porta Romana.
Boboli Garden Tickets
  • Visitors with reduced mobility can use wheelchairs free of charge.
  • Guide dogs can accompany persons with disability, and it should be specified at the time of visit request.
  • Visitors must be accompanied by a staff member to access the gardens.
  • Boboli Gardens Entrance: Pitti Square and Annalena are accessible, while Porta Romana is the only accessible exit.
  • An accessible toilet is also available on the first terrace near the Amphitheater via a stairlift.

Visitor Tips

  • Everyone will have to undergo a temperature check at the entry and wear face masks inside the venue.
  • For professional photography and filming of the museum, prior permission is needed.
  • Be careful when exploring this open-air museum and stay away from the trees.
  • Follow the rules set by the staff and adhere to the signboards placed throughout this museum.
  • Wear appropriate clothing when visiting Boboli Gardens and avoid revealing attires, costumes, fancy dresses, etc.
  • Do not trouble the flora and fauna here and disrupt the environment of the museum in any way.
  • If you are traveling to Boboli Gardens with kids, then keep a close watch on the children to follow the museum rules.

All Your Questions About Boboli Garden Tickets Answered

Q. What is the price of Boboli Garden tickets?

A. There are multiple Boboli Garden tickets offering various features and facilities, at various price ranges, starting from €12. With this ticket, you can get skip-the-line entry to Boboli Gardens along with entry to Bardini Gardens and the Museum of Porcelain. 

Q. Where can I buy Boboli Garden tickets?

A. You can buy Boboli Garden tickets online to get amazing deals and discounts on your tickets.

Q. Can I buy Boboli Garden tickets online?

A. Yes, buying your Boboli Garden tickets online is recommended to minimize contact and get confirmed tickets for your desired time slot in advance.

Q. Do Boboli Garden tickets provide me access to the fountains?

A. Yes, with the Boboli Garden tickets, you can access the amazing grottoes, sculptures, fountains, and more.

Q. Will my Boboli Garden tickets allow me to skip the ticketing lines?

A. Yes, you can buy skip-the-line Boboli Garden tickets to enjoy direct entry to the museum.

Q. What are the key highlights of Boboli Gardens?

A. A few key highlights of the Boboli Gardens are Giorgio Vasari’s Large Grotto, Giambologna’s The Fountain of the Ocean, Neptune’s Fountain by Stoldo Lorenzi, and a 34-century old obelisk from Egypt.

Q. What are the opening timings of Boboli Gardens?

A. The Boboli Gardens opening hours are from 8:15 AM. The closing time varies depending on the month. It closes at 4:30 PM from November to February, 5:30 PM in March and October (with Standard Time), 6:30 PM in March, April, May, September, and October (with Daylight Savings Time), and 7:00 PM in June, July, and August.

Q. On which dates will the Boboli Gardens be closed?

A. The Boboli Gardens are closed every year on January 1 and December 25.

Q. Are dogs allowed in Boboli Gardens?

A. No pets are allowed inside the Boboli Gardens.

Q. Is Boboli Gardens worth visiting?

A. Yes, Boboli Gardens is a beautiful open-air museum that was designed in Renaissance-style and is home to gorgeous sculptures, grottoes, fountains, and more.

Q. Is it safe to visit Boboli Gardens post-COVID?

A. Yes, it is safe to visit the Boboli Gardens post-COVID as they have several measures in place to ensure the safety of the visitors.