Boboli Gardens Tickets

A handy guide to finding all Boboli Gardens entrances

Where is Boboli Gardens located?

Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy, is a stunning historical garden on a hillside behind the Pitti Palace in the Oltrarno district, south of the Arno River. Easily reach it by public transport, including buses (Pitti-Serragli stop), trains (Santa Maria Novella Station), or by car/taxi for direct access to the gardens' enchanting realm.

How to access Boboli Gardens entrances?

By tram: Tram Line T1 to Unità, then a short walk to Pitti Palace entrance or tram line Borgo San Iacopo for access to Belvedere Fort entrance.
By train: Train Line R to Santa Maria Novella then walk to Pitti entrance. Train (SMN) to Porta Romana, taxi/bus/walk to Belvedere Fort entrance.
By bus: Bus C3 or D from Pitti-Serragli to Pitti Palace entrance. Bus D or 11 to Galileo Forte Di Belvedere/Porta Romana, then walk to the entrance. Bus 11, 131, 131R, 368A, 370A to Porta Romana stop for access. Bus 11, 131, 131R, 368A, 370A to Porta Romana stop, then taxi/car rental to Via Romano.

Boboli Gardens entrances

There are four entrances to the Boboli Gardens, allowing you to access the historical park from Pitti Palace, Belvedere Fort, Porta Romana and Via Romano. Each entrance provide access to different areas of the garden that spreads across 45,000 square meters.

Boboli Gardens entrances location & getting there

Pitti Palace Entrance

Location: Entrance is from the left of the gardens.
How to reach? Follow signage and walk towards the courtyard of Pitti Palace.
Who is it for? All kinds of ticket holders, including those with skip-the-line, guided tour or audio guide tickets.
Entrance timings: Open daily from 8:15am to 6:30pm
Average wait time: Generally around 20-30 minutes. But, if you have pre-booked or skip-the-line tickets, the wait time gets reduced to 5-10 minutes.
Accessibility: Yes

Belvedere Fort

Location: One of the hills within the Boboli Gardens from the Belvedere Fort
How to reach? Enter directly from the Belvedere Fort after visiting it.
Who is it for? Open to all, including those with reduced mobility.
Entrance timings: Open daily from 8:15am to 6:30pm.
Average wait time: Generally 5-10 minutes but reduced to 2-3 minutes for priority ticket holders.
Accessibility: Yes

Porta Romana

Location: Located at Porta Romana, an ancient gate built in the 13th century.
How to reach? The entrance is directly accessible from Porta Romana and is short walk from nearby transport stops. If arriving by bus, use "Porta Romana" on Via Romana. Tram users can disembark at "T1 Villa Costanza-Scandicci" stop.
Who is it for? Open to all including ones eligible for free admission.
Entrance timings: Daily from 8:15am to 6:30pm.
Average wait time: 2-5 minutes
Accessibility: No

Via Romano

Location: Near the Boboli Gardens Amphitheatre
How to reach? Easily accessible by road, take a ride to Via Romano.
Who is it for? All kinds of tourists, except those with reduced mobility.
Entrance timings: Open daily from 8:15am to 6:30pm
Average wait time: Usually around 15-25 minutes. 5-10 minutes with priority tickets.
Accessibility: No

Disabled access

Visitors with mobility issues can access the Boboli Gardens from the Pitti Palace, Porta Romana and Belvedere Fort entrances. The Belvedere Fort and Porta Romana entrances offer relatively easier access with fewer crowds, making navigation more manageable. However, the Via Romana (Annalena Entrance) presents challenges due to its steep gradient, especially towards the end of the pathway, making it difficult for people with disabilities to enter.

The palace is equipped with elevators and ramps to make access easier for disabled guests. Limited accessible parking services are also available. You can also rent wheelchairs and walkers free of charge. Service animals and guide dogs are allowed inside. An accompanying person is recommended.

Queue at Boboli Gardens entrance

  • Regular queue: The standard queue for visitors purchasing tickets on-site. Suitable for those without pre-booked tickets or special access.
  • Skip-the-Line queue: A dedicated queue for visitors with pre-booked tickets, skip-the-line passes, guided tours, or priority access. Ideal for ticket holders seeking a quicker entry experience.

How to enter Boboli Gardens?

Pitti Palace, Palatine Gallery & Boboli Gardens Tickets
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Frequently asked questions about Boboli Gardens entrances

How many entrances does the Boboli Gardens have?

Boboli Gardens has four entrances, catering to different visitor preferences:
- Pitti Palace Entrance: Open to all, including tourists and visitors with reduced mobility.
- Belvedere Fort: Accessible to all, with reduced wait times for priority ticket holders.
- Porta Romana: Convenient and direct entry point, less crowded but not wheelchair accessible.
- Via Romano: Easily accessible for tourists arriving by road, not wheelchair friendly due to uneven terrain.

Is there a separate queue for skip-the-line and pre-booked ticket holders?

Yes, there is a separate entrance for skip-the-line and pre-booked ticket holders at the Pitti Palace entrance of Boboli Gardens. This dedicated entrance ensures a faster and smoother entry experience for visitors who have made advance reservations or purchased skip-the-line tickets.

Which entrance should I use if I don't have a pre-booked ticket?

All entrances at Boboli Gardens, including the main Pitti Palace Entrance, are open to everyone, regardless of whether you have pre-booked tickets or not. Each entrance caters to different preferences and may have varying wait times, but all visitors are welcome at any entrance.

Where are the Boboli Garden entrances located?

Boboli Gardens has four entrances located at strategic points:
- Pitti Palace entrance: Situated on the left of Boboli Gardens from Palazzo Pitti courtyard.
- Belvedere Fort: Found on the hills within Boboli Gardens.
- Porta Romana: Located on the southern side of the gardens.
- Via Romano: Near the Boboli Gardens Amphitheatre.

Which entrance at the Boboli Gardens usually has the shortest wait time?

The Porta Romana entrance at Boboli Gardens typically has the shortest wait time. This entrance, located on the southern side of the gardens, is often less crowded as it is not as well-known as some other entrances. Visitors choosing Porta Romana can enjoy a quicker entry experience, especially during peak times.

What is the average wait time at the main Boboli Gardens entrance?

The average wait time at the main Boboli Gardens entrance, Pitti Palace Entrance, is around 30-45 minutes. However, visitors with pre-booked tickets or skip-the-line options can significantly reduce their wait time to approximately 5-10 minutes, ensuring a quicker entry to the gardens.

What are the busiest entry points, and are there less crowded alternatives?

The Pitti Palace Entrance is the busiest at Boboli Gardens due to its central location. Visitors seeking less crowded alternatives can opt for the Porta Romana entrance on the southern side or the Via Romano entrance near the Amphitheatre. These entrances, especially Porta Romana, offer a more peaceful experience with shorter wait times compared to the main entrance.

Which Boboli Gardens entrance should visitors with special needs use?

Visitors with disabilities can use the Pitti Palace or the Forte di Belvedere entrances.

Are pets allowed, and if so, which entrances can they use?

Yes, pets are allowed at Boboli Gardens. Visitors can bring their pets through any entrance, including the Pitti Palace Entrance, Belvedere Fort, Porta Romana, and Via Romano. However, it's advisable to keep pets on a leash and be mindful of other visitors.